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* Introducing and reporting the performance and capabilities of Hava Sanat Tiwan Company as a manufacturer in the field of compressed air equipment and industrial gases


Hava Sanat Tiwan Company is one of the companies active in the field of production of industrial compressors and compressed air peripherals, which has the most experienced professors with a history of more than 13 years and employs specialized and experienced personnel and uses advanced and modern technologies. As a manufacturer and supplier of compressors and compressed air equipment in various industries, including steel, food, cement, pharmaceutical, etc. with the aim of expanding, in design, construction, installation, commissioning and after-sales service to customers Operates and has been able to occupy a very good market share during this period, and this success is due to the companies that with the trust and support of Hava Sanat Tiwan Company have been able to provide compressors and compressed air peripherals with excellent quality and price. Employ competitive in their product lines.

A summary of the capabilities and products of this company is as follows:

Production and supply of compressed air compressors (centrifuge, oil free and inject oil and piston)

⦿ Production and supply of compressed air dryers (refrigeration, heater absorption and non-heat absorption)

⦿ Production and supply of compressed air storage tanks (horizontal and vertical) with ASME standard and factory standards

⦿ Production and supply of compressed air microfilters (flange and thread)

⦿ Production and supply of various types of centrifugal intake traps (flange and thread)

⦿ Supply of consumable parts and spare parts for compressors and other compressed air equipment

. Repair and overhaul of all types of compressed air compressors

⦿ Supply of absorbent materials (molecular, alumina, silica gel)

⦿ Providing technical and commercial advice in the field of purchasing, supplying and repairing compressed air systems, training, commissioning and monitoring the installation of equipment

Warranty of all equipment and products 18 months from the time of delivery or one year from the time of commissioning.

Support and after-sales service for all the above devices are in accordance with the instructions for 15 years.