Absorption and refrigeration air dryers

Dryer should be used to better absorb moisture and have healthy air.

Dryers are divided into two general categories:

Refrigeration Dryer

In these dryers, the compressed air is cooled by the refrigeration mechanism and as a result of this cooling, water molecules are converted into droplets and the droplets are absorbed by the water trap embedded in the refrigeration dryers and finally discharged by autodrine. In this method, the dew point of 3c ֯ + to 5c ֯ + can be reached.

The advantages of refrigeration dryers include no need for regular service and maintenance, no need to charge materials, low pressure drop, low consumption and small dimensions.

Absorption Dryer

In this type of dryers, compressed air is passed through moisture absorbing materials and these materials absorb water vapor in compressed air.

Absorption dryers are produced and supplied in three models: non-heat, thermal and thermal bluer.

In absorption dryers, the dew point can be reached -70c..

The advantages of absorption dryers include low maintenance costs, excellent air quality, ease of repair and availability of spare parts.