Screw Compressor (Oil Inject)

These compressors have basic characteristics that are important based on air quality indicators such as oil, particulate matter, moisture content and organic compounds that determine the types of screw compressors. In principle, according to the degree of purity, compressed air is evaluated. The higher the purity, the higher the compressed air quality index. Which is based on the current world standards ISO 8573-1; 2010 is considered to be one of the most valid standards for measuring compressed air quality.

Oil injected screw compressors can be used in the case of working with partial oil in compressed air vapors, for example, in various industries such as construction, steel, cement and even in road construction, which in these industries of higher quality air Not required. In principle, it can be said that air quality is determined by the classes of filters.

Screw oil injector compressors have another type called Male Rotor with fluid such as oil, which in principle, oil functions reduce friction, create oil synergy to cool the internal components of the rotor, which absorbs impurities and cleaning, and finally causes lubrication in Bearings. That is why maintaining the quality of oil in oil injector compressors is very important. In fact, when used in oil injector compressors, the oil is heated by heat absorption and after leaving the shell in the separator chamber (separator) is separated from the air flow and then according to its temperature and with the help of a temperature valve is directed to the cooler Turns. In injector oil compressors, to prevent the reduction of oil quality and also to manage energy consumption, if the need for air consumption at the outlet is reduced, the intake valve is closed first and the compressor is unloaded. Then, by reducing the pressure at the outlet, the Minimum Pressure Valve also operates, and by closing it, a minimum flow of air and oil will flow inside the compressor.