Screw Compressor (Oil Free)

One type of compressor classification is based on the quality of the exhaust air. In some industries, the presence of oil in the compressed air leaving the compressor causes damage to the equipment consuming compressed air (such as instrumentation equipment and sensitive valves of the oil and gas industry, etc.) or causes product failure ( Like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health, food, etc.) Therefore, oil free compressors are used in these industries.

In this type of compressors, the compressed air outlet is free of any oil and according to the ISO8573-1 standard, they are in zero oil class.

In oil free compressors, oil is used only for lubrication of gearboxes and bearings and they do not interfere in the compression process of compressed air. These compressors are called Dry Oil free for short, which means that there is no auxiliary fluid in compressing the air.

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