Nitrogen Generator

Industrial nitrogen generator (nitrogen generator) is used to separate nitrogen from the air and has the ability to produce nitrogen with a purity of 99.9999%. The nitrogen generator consists of columns containing molecular carbon adsorbent. Molecular carbon at certain pressures absorbs oxygen and water vapor in the air and passes nitrogen through it, and thus the process of separation of nitrogen from oxygen is done and nitrogen is obtained with very high purity. This method of nitrogen production is called PSA or Pressure Swing Adsorption. In the following article, we will explain more about the applications, benefits and components of nitrogen gas generator:

Nitrogen gas generating applications:

● Metallurgy industry

● Textile industry

● Chemical industry

● Food packaging industry

● Pharmaceutical industry

● Fiber optic industry

● Electronic industry

● Plastic industry

● Charging in the car tire

Advantages of nitrogen gas generator:

 Equipped with device operation hour indicator

︎ ︎ Minimum space required for installation

  Quick and easy installation

  Full capacity and support of engineering and project teams

  Nitrogen purity range 99.99% – 95%

  Equipped with Siemens PLC system

 Equipped with O2 Analyzer purity control and monitoring system with high accuracy and sensitivity

 Automatic system settings to prevent energy loss and disrupt system purity

  Automatic operation of the device without the need for continuous operation

Nitrogen gas production line layout:

1- Screw compressor: To produce nitrogen by PSA method, we need compressed air with a pressure of at least 7.5 bar. Since this pressure must be generated continuously and continuously, a belt screw compressor or a direct coupling screw compressor must be used.

2- Compressed air tank: The tank should be used as a compressed air storage to improve the performance of the compressor and proper nutrition of the nitrogen generator.

3- Dryer (air dryer): Compressed air used to feed the nitrogen generator must be completely free of any moisture and oil. Absorption dryer or refrigeration dryer is used to dry it according to the desired purity.

4- In order to produce high purity nitrogen, oil and even oil vapors should not reach the nitrogen generator in any way because CMS materials are very active and instead of absorbing oxygen, they absorb oil and moisture. To get the oil, you must first use microfilters and then the activated carbon column.

Components of nitrogen generator:

1- LCD display in some models

2- Electronic smart board

3- Output N2

4- Digital display

5- O2 input

6- Filtration filters

7- Nitrogen production tank and wind tank

8- Care unit and dehumidifier

9- Degree of automatic wind adjustment and cut-off (in some full models)

10-On and off switch of the device

11- Air outlet

12- Vacuum system with suction of old air from inside the tire