Air Compressor

Air compressor is one of the most important and widely used devices in the industry. They use an air compressor to compress the air. It is a mechanical device that uses mechanical energy to suck in air and compress it, which also raises the temperature of the fluid. This device is used for industrial, laboratory, medical and workshop devices. In this article, we will examine the air compressor of inject type, free oil and piston oil:

Compressors are divided into two types according to their operating mechanism:

Positive Displacement Compressor such as piston and rotary

Nam Dynamic energy compressor and axial flow

Piston and rotary compressors include screw compressors, called screw or screw compressors, which are used in industry and cover reciprocating compressors in terms of pressure performance. Screw compressors are divided into oil free and lubricated categories:

Oil free compressor: This model works without the involvement of oil in the process of fluid compression in its core.

Lubricated compressor: In this type, some oil enters the compressor core along with the fluid and prevents surface wear by reducing the temperature and creating oil, and increases the life of the parts.

Oil Free Compressor Features

︎ ︎ They have a key breaker capability.

︎ ︎ They have an automatic tank drain valve.

  Equipped with intelligent cooling fan.

︎ ︎ have a new design and open designed parts.

 They have high production power.

︎ ز Equipped with vibration system to neutralize compressor vibrations.

︎ ︎ The maintenance cost of these compressors is very low.

  ︎ The variety of models is great.

Oil injector screw compressors

In these compressors, the oil injected into the compression chamber is mixed with the compressed gas at the end of compression, and after leaving the compression chamber in a separating part called the trap, they come out of the compressed gas and after cooling And filtering returns to the compression chamber. In fact, the main task of the injector screw oil is to keep the oil-gas separation filter clean.

Features of Oil Injector Compressor

● Has low vibration and noise

کمی They have a low output temperature

● Use of modern design

● Lowest energy consumption

Piston compressor

These types are also known as reciprocating compressors, which increase the gas pressure by trapping the inlet gas and reducing its volume. Compression in this model is done with the help of reciprocating pistons inside the cylinder.

Piston compressor features

 Their important effect on cooling and cooling

☜ High power and energy

☜ Ability to increase the pressure of gaseous fluids up to high pressure ranges.

☜ have different capacities that can be produced.