Air Receiver

After compressing the air, we have to store the compressed air in the tanks. In addition to storage, compressed air storage tanks have many other advantages, which we will mention a few:

  • Control and adjust the operation of compressors (load and unload compressors and increase the service life of compressors)
  • Adjust the air consumption of the dryers when the compressors are loaded
  • Absorption and removal of water droplets that are separated from the air in the trap stage and help the dryers to work better
  • Eliminate compressed air fluctuations produced by the compressor and create uniform air
  • Cooling the air and increasing the efficiency of the dryers

Compressed air tanks are made in two forms, horizontal and vertical, which can be selected according to the limitations of the installation space.

The size and dimensions of storage tanks are determined according to the amount of aeration of the compressors and it is routinely recommended about 1/2 to 1/3 of the compressor capacity for storage.