Spare Parts

Molecular carbon:

In fact, molecular carbon is an extraordinary adsorbent of a combination of activated carbon and zeolite. Its specific application in the process of oxygen uptake from nitrogen in systems that produce nitrogen, which is actually one of the parts of the natural gas process. Molecular carbon has the advantages of both types of adsorbents. In fact, if we have a definition of molecular carbon, it is made of activated carbon raw materials and it is used in adsorbents with less than 10 angstroms.

Elements and filtration:

Filtration method is used to separate impurities in liquids. This method is mostly used in the process of water and fluid purification. The elements in industrial filters are located in the middle, which is an important part of the filtration process. The different parts of the elements determine their application in industry, each of which has different applications and also each has a different design. In selecting any of these elements, users can choose the best type based on their need for filtration, which depends on the degree of filtration.


Autodrine is defined specifically as an automatic drain valve in tanks. Autodrines, which are the same as autodrine, have high efficiency and also increase the life of the systems, which are located at the outlet of the tanks. Autodrine is an essential role in the maintenance of air compressors. Using Autodrine, you can ensure continuous evacuation in the facility that the facility will not suffer from technical defects.

Molecular materials:

A suitable solution in fluids and gases is to remove water. Molecular materials are like adsorbent sieves that remove water from fluids and gases. Molecular materials and zeolites due to their three-dimensional structure can separate with more pure results. This adsorbent is used for various applications in the system and ventilation devices, which in fact performs dehumidification in these systems. With its small pores, it can easily separate water from other gases and liquids.

Activated carbon material:

This material is the same as activated carbon. It has high porosity and pores that help absorb impurities. These materials actually play an important role in large and industrial purifiers. Activated carbon materials come in many forms and each of these forms is used in different industries. There are different types of activated carbon in powder, rod and granular form which differ in size.