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About us

Hava Sanat Tiwan Company is one of the companies active in the field of production of industrial compressors and compressed air peripherals, which has the most experienced professors with a history of more than 13 years and employs specialized and experienced personnel and uses advanced technologies. And Modern as a supplier of compressors and compressed air equipment in various industries, including steel, food, cement, pharmaceutical, etc. with the aim of expanding in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales service to customers And has been able to play an effective role in advancing the goals of the country’s industries by providing optimal quality in products and services. It is obvious that the spiritual support of the country’s organizations and policy-making bodies to the country’s top producers and industrialists in such events will cause not only the development of indigenous expertise and experience in the country, but also the position of our dear Iran in the international arena of industry. And technology to be better and more powerful.

Tiwan Product



Tiwan’s mission is to be a professional and reliable reference in its field of activity, therefore, we provide the mentioned services in the field of our products. With qualified engineers and technicians, long experience and cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers, Tiwan tries to fulfill its mission in the best way by using the advice of international partners.
• Increase customer satisfaction by observing the delivery time and supply of the product with the best quality
• Monitoring and monitoring the quality goals of the organization in order to create a suitable platform for continuous improvement
• Increase domestic market share and enter regional markets
• Training and motivating employees to promote responsibility and increase organizational activities